SSS days 17 and 18 (easiest skirt ever)

Another Self-Stitched-September update – here is day 17:

I am clearly miffed that the lousy weather necessitates the wearing of leggings and a cardigan with this cute dress… particularly since the bodice is the interesting part of the pattern! It’s Butterick 5491 (made in may, review here), in an ITY-y knit from Michael Levine in LA. I love the print, but the fabric is pretty thin and there are a bunch of faint grey streaks, like grease marks from a roller or something, all over the fabric (which I of course didn’t notice until I went to cut). I thought I’d avoided them all with creative cutting, but realised when I wore it the first time that there’s one dead center on the skirt front! At least the pattern is busy. I have to say that I think that online fabric shopping is really the way to go, I’ve gotten much higher quality knits for cheaper online than I can even find in the most famous fabric store in the LA fashion district!

And here’s what I’m wearing today (it’s kind of weird to edit a picture of the outfit you’re wearing, isn’t it?):

In my determination to go as long as possible without a repeated item, I whipped up this skirt last night. It’s a border print cotton from my favorite Crazy Fabric Store, and I basically followed this tutorial to make an elastic waist skirt. I didn’t do pockets (though I love them) because I was rushing. This is about the easiest skirt ever. I cut my border print into a 25 inch length, then cut it lengthwise about 5 inches down from the fold (I didn’t actually cut, I ripped, which is way faster and makes it perfectly square!), making two rectangles 25 by 22 inches. I serged all the edges, sewed the side seams, and hemmed the bottom with a blind hem stitch.  I then attached the skirt to my 30 inch elastic waistband like the tutorial instructs, stretching the elastic as I went to create the gathers. The one thing I did differently was I sewed the right side of the fabric to the wrong side of the elastic, which means less pouf since the skirt comes out facing straight down, and it leaves the whole height of the elastic exposed, which I like better for the proportions of the skirt.  The stitching line is visible up close on the outside of the elastic, but it’s not obvious. Here’s a detail of the waistband showing the inside and outside:

I’m not totally convinced this style skirt is flattering on me (hip pouf is not my best friend), but I do like the way it turned out. And it was so easy!


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