MMM week… the rest

Well, I guess I ought to make a Me-Made-May update, since, you know, it’s a week into June… Gah. Somehow my new, less-hours less-commute job has mysteriously translated into less time to blog than with my old job. I think what is happening is that at my far-away-job I was stuck away from home on dinner breaks with just my computer, but now with more time to actually sew and do other things in my house I’m loathe to spend my time sitting in front of the computer in my living room. So good news: I’ve made some things to blog about!

But first things first – the rest of MMM. I did successfully complete my me-made-month, without any problem actually… other than the whole photographic evidence thing, that is. I tried this time to take “action shots” rather than posing every morning in my house, because I thought it would be easier and more fun. But because I am not actually brave enough to ask strangers to take my picture, and also because I am easily distracted by, um, my daily life, I either have terrible long-arm phone pictures or no picture at all. And since the latter part of May passed in a job changing blur, I don’t quite remember what I wore when… but here’s what I got.

Days 12 and 15(?):


Here are two bad long-armed skirt shots. On day 12 I called my last show at my old company, so I snapped a picture of me sitting in the booth at the podium (you can see the script in the binder). The skirt is my twirly Simplicity 3881. I like this skirt a lot for when I need a quick dressier-than-usual outfit, but the elastic waist makes it really comfortable. Day 15 (I think that’s when this was) was taken in my car before I started my long commute home for one of the last times! I do love my car (a Prius), but I have to say I’m glad to be in it a bit less now. This skirt is my go-to easy jersey skirt, charcoal version. I love this skirt and I wear it all the time. I also just saw basically this exact skirt for sale at Old Navy, so I’m glad it’s at least somewhat in fashion.

Days 18 and 19:


Day 18 included an unexpected evening off, so I met my other half for dinner at our favorite brewpub. I am enjoying “The Pope”, which is their flagship IPA and probably the best IPA in the world. Seriously, this beer is amazing. I’m wearing my Simplicity 2593, Boden version. Day 19 I was backstage supervising all day during the student showcase shows, so I grabbed this mirror shot in the green room (which is neither green nor a room, actually) when all the students were onstage. The skirt is a simple elastic waist gathered rectangle affair I made during Self-Stitched-September from a cool border print. I clearly have no other shirt to wear with it, still.

Days 20 and 21:


Day 20 was graduation (not mine – I attended as faculty and handed out flowers to the graduates as they received their certificates), which was my last day of my old job. I didn’t manage to get a solo picture at all, so I have cropped out a very dear, very very tall colleague from this shot to show that I wore my Lonsdale dress (instead of the dress I made for the occasion). As it turned out, polka dots were quite popular that day, and there were a lot of graduates wearing dotty dresses too! Day 21 was the first official day of my week off, so I wanted to capture a relaxation moment. This skirt was my first easy jersey skirt, and only other picture of I have it was taken in this same chair also (I have no imagination). This is my day off skirt, for sure. The empty cocktail in my hand was a Pimlico (bourbon, orange juice, lime juice, mint), and it was delicious.

Days 23 and 27:


Day 23 was a Wednesday, the night of Pub Quiz at our favorite local bar. You play on teams of no more than 6 people, there are four rounds of 10 questions each, and if your team wins a round you get a free round of drinks. It’s really fun, but I don’t go as often as I’d like because of work. But here I am at Quiz, wearing my Anthro knock-off tank. Day 27 disclaimer: I am not actually wearing anything I made in this picture (unless you count the little case I made for my phone so it doesn’t get all sweaty in my pocket on the bike, which you can actually see me holding in the picture), but I’m sharing it because it was taken at the completion of my first ever century (100 mile) bike ride! A friend and I rode the Great Western Century in Paso Robles. It took 8 hours, but I felt great afterwards and it was really fun! And I did fulfill my MMM obligation too – after showering I put on the wearable muslin of Vogue 8571, which I had finished just the day before (and will post soon). I of course did not manage a picture of it (while eating a giant hamburger as a post-ride dinner – awesome).

And finally… The Rest:

It’s my Me-Made-Laundry-Pile! Here, on the 3rd day of June, I sorted all my self-stitched garments for the wash. Here are all the things I wore on the sad, no photo days. Ah, well. There aren’t any surprises here anyway – I wore all of these items in September, I think. And that’s really what disappointed me most about MMM: nothing new. I guess that the weather in May is basically the same as in September here, so I wore all the same things I featured then, and not any of the things I’ve made in the meantime since they were all for colder weather. Might I suggest a me-made-cold-month next time? The other reason for the duplicates is that same old cake-frosting debate – I have a lot of fancy dresses that don’t get worn that often. So while MMM was ostensibly a success, I guess it wasn’t a very interesting success. But thanks for bearing with me on the terrible iPhone slice-of-life outfit photos (the ones I remembered to take, anyway), and stay tuned for the fruits of my hey-I’ve-got-a-little-more-time-to-sew week off!

  1. I love your Lonsdale!! Congrats on graduation and in such style! I think your laundry pile is my fav me made pic of the month!!

  2. Clare said:

    Well done on the century! I’m still working my towards my first 🙂

    • aleah said:

      You’ll make it! The furthest I’d gone before was 70 miles, but the last 30 (including a big climb, of course) weren’t really any worse than the middle 30… just make sure you keep eating and hydrating!

  3. Well done! You survived though I am a little concerned for your washing machine :o).

  4. carolyn said:

    Okay, it’s official – I can tell by reading this post that your life is WAY more exciting than mine. Mind would be “here’s me going to work” and “here’s me going to bed by 8 pm” 🙂

    • aleah said:

      Ha, you forget how many missing days I had here – there were plenty of work-all-day-too-tired-for-picture days too. Also, I’ve kind of just realised that this post makes me look like all I do is drink… which is not (um, entirely) true 🙂

  5. Brooke said:

    I am so impressed by your pile of self-made laundry! I confess that I usually end of making the fancier things like dresses & skirts for church when I actually sew for myself, so I don’t really have much in the way of cute handmade everyday things.

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