SSS days 14-16 and other output

I’ve gotten a bit behind on Self-Stitched-September pictures, but I’m ahead on actual sewing! Behold three finished objects:

From right to left, Butterick 5181 in a rayon jersey, Simplicity 2417 cardigan (shortened), and McCall’s 6347 (racerback view).  I’ve been a sewing machine the last few nights! Wait, that doesn’t work… I’ve been a machine at my machine, let’s try that. Anyway, on-body pictures and full reviews to follow, when I wear them in Hawaii next week! I still want to whip out at least one more thing before we go -I’ve got a nice piece of turquoise jersey that I can’t decide what to do with. An easy knit dress for sure, but which one? I remember seeing a convertible skirt-to-halter-dress in one of the pattern books (McCall’s?) earlier this year, but the pattern is nowhere to be found now on any of the big 5’s websites. Did I imagine it? It would be perfect if I could find it!

And here are my outfits for the last few days. Day 14:

This is Simplicity 3503. I used a cotton jersey with a little stretch but not a lot of recovery, so it doesn’t drape very nicely and it lays a little funny in the back (and it’s prone to wrinkles), but I like the pattern and the dress falls into that niche of not-too-dressy-for-work that I love, so it gets a lot of wear.  I never reviewed it because there are so many lovely reviews already and my version is nothing special.  I will say I think the pattern runs big, the 10 is even a little loose at the waist for me, which is rare. I also can’t really wear it without a cami underneath; not because it’s too low in front, but because my bra shows in the deep back v! I really needed to take out more along the neckline for an SBA. Next time!

Day 15:

What am I doing in this picture? (Other than wearing these shoes again.) I have no idea. I’ve been trying to mix up the poses for the SSS pictures, but this is just wacky.  Also, I was losing the light, so all my other pictures were pretty motion-blurry from the slower shutter speed. Please ignore my crazy model pose attempt! Anyway, as part of my aforementioned sewing frenzy, I managed to whip up this jersey skirt (yes, another one) the night before I wore it. I’m pretty proud that I finished this one up in just a couple hours from cut to hem! It’s longer and gathered more than my last one. So far no two are alike, despite them all using the same template.  I’m the least consistent sewist ever. Oh well, it works, and is in a very practical charcoal jersey that’ll get a lot of use, I think.

Day 16:

A terrible early morning picture, taken seconds before rushing out the door at 8:30 to go to a 7 hour meeting/retreat. The yawn is staged, but certainly representative of how I was feeling! The top is McCall’s 6078, reviewed here. I love this fabric, found in the remnant bin of my local old-school fabric store (as in run by little old ladies). They have a very traditional (as in old-fashioned) print selection usually, so I was shocked to find this mod ITY. I also love how easy this pattern is.  I need to pull it out again and make more!

That’s all for now, back to sewing!


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