It’s my 1(.033)-Year Blogaversary! Giveaway time!

As you may have noticed by now, I tend to be late for things. I can generally meet deadlines of the if-you-don’t-finish-this-dress-you’ll-be-naked variety, but I’m a terrible procrastinator and important dates tend to slip by me. So here we are, a week and some change past the one-year anniversary of my taking the plunge and starting this blog, and since I’m never one to pass up an opportunity for a celebration, even if I am one to let pass the actual day of the reason for said celebration, I’m having a giveaway anyway.

I want to say thank you to everyone who reads my ramblings, occasionally or frequently (I mean, as frequently as I write them, which is not very frequently), and thank you so much for all the kind words of encouragement or advice you’ve given me. I know I’m terrible about replying to comments (see above admission about procrastination and letting the moment pass), but every time the comment notifier pops up in my inbox it absolutely brightens my day. I really love this crazy sewing community and I’m so glad I’ve spent the last year(ish) being inspired by all of you, and hopefully occasionally inspiring you!

So for my first giveaway, I wanted to share some of the delightful weirdness I get from my somewhat local bizarro 99-cent fabric store. I would say that roughly 60-70% of my fabric comes from there, and I feel so lucky to have this resource nearby! So I’m going to send a little weird to someone who can’t stop by and dig through the piles (yes, there are literal piles) every few weeks, in the form of three pieces of fabric:

First, on the bottom is a yard and a half of a very dark navy blue cotton-lycra knit – it’s got a bit of weight to it and has good stretch and recovery and would make a very cozy long-sleeve tee or tunic (fall sewing, that’s what I’m supposed to be thinking about, right?) It’s pretty easy to work with and would be a good first knit experience for those of you who haven’t taken the plunge into sewing knit fabric yet! In the middle is a yard of the black and white border print that I used to make a simple elastic waist skirt last year – just add wide elastic and you’re practically done! And on top is three yards of a fun print woven (a burn test indicates poly content) that’s fairly light and crisp and would make a great blouse (Alma, anyone?) or a last-gasp of summer dress. I’m also including two of my go-to knit notions: a twin needle and a package of clear elastic.

If any of this strikes your fancy, leave a comment before midnight (my time, PDT) next Sunday the 16th. [Sorry, the giveaway has ended. Thanks to everyone who entered!] I’ll choose a comment at random and that person gets all of the above! And since the fabric wasn’t exactly pricey, I’m happy to ship worldwide. You don’t need to be a “follower” to enter (since I confess I still don’t use a blog reader and hope desperately that there are others out there who don’t either so I don’t feel like such a Luddite), but if subscribing’s your thing and you don’t already, by all means hit the follow button in the sidebar!

Thanks again for making my first year of blogging so fantastic!

  1. Debra said:

    I am a blog lurker and think your blog is wonderful! Thank you for taking your time to share. Debra

  2. Andrea said:

    Happy first blogoversary! What a great little giveaway. Wild coincidence here: I picked up that exact same floral print from MY crazy fabric store yesterday. It was a remnant, only one yard, so I’d actually love some more for a project I have planned. What’re the odds…

  3. Congrats on one year of blogging! I feel good doesn’t it? I’ve just passed two years and I didn’t think I would love it this much but the international community is amazingly inspirational and encouraging, keep it up 🙂 I loved your boarder print skirt when you posted it. I’m always late to the party too, my second birthday dress (I started the tradition last year) is late AGAIN, in fact 3 months late, but I did have my whole life packed up for a little over 6 weeks as an excuse…things are back to normal now so I just need to pick between two patterns and then choose the fabric and get on to it!

  4. Pam F. said:

    Congratulations on a year of blogging! I have really enjoyed reading your blog. You are one of the bloggers that inspired me to join the fun and start my own blog!

  5. Myra said:

    Congratulations on one full year of blogging! That time goes by fast doesn’t it? Very nice give giveaway…count me in please!

  6. Lana said:

    Love your blog! Congrats on reaching the year mark. The fabric looks fabulous. I just started sewing on knit. I’m a quilter at heart, but I’m spreading my wings into apparel. lroghair (at) aol (dot) com

  7. I would love to win! Congrats on your first birthday! haha. If you ever want to use a blog reader try bloglovin, that’s what I’ve been using and it’s a huge timesaver. Or maybe I’m not saving time because I keep finding more fun and more blogs to follow!

  8. joezgal said:

    Congrats on sharing your sewing adventures on this blog for a year (or thereabouts). Nice giveaway to celebrate, too!

  9. lloubb said:

    Congrats; I love your blog!
    Every time you post a link to your post about that cRaZY fabric store I can’t believe I didn’t know about it when I went to solvang last year!! (/ I was just getting into sewing.)

  10. Kate said:

    Congrats – 1 year of blogging! Can’t wait to hear about your future adventures

  11. sewbusylizzy said:

    I follow your blog and I would run about in joyous circles for a twin needle and more fabric!!

  12. bunny said:


  13. Katie R said:

    Happy Blog Birthday! I’m a follower and have learned a lot from you over the past year! thanks for helping me sew!

  14. Congrats! I just started following you a couple of weeks ago. Thanks for the givaway! I know exactly what I’d do with that jersey.

  15. Happy blogiversary! I don’t celebrate it myself (but maybe I should?). And thank you for being willing to ship internationally.

  16. I don’t want to enter the giveaway (because I hope to meet you one day AT the crazy fabric store and dig through the piles myself), but I just wanted to say congrats on a year! Your blog brings me joy (love your writing) and yes, the sewing community is definitely a great one.

  17. Liz said:

    I only discovered your blog a few weeks ago and I love it! So inspiring! Congratulations on making it one year.

  18. Happy one year of blogging! I’ve been following for most of the year on Google reader, where it turns out you probably don’t realise that you have 140 followers! I really enjoy reading your blog, I especially enjoy that you sew a lot of everyday wear with a little special occasion thrown in. I look forward to seeing what you cook up in the coming year!

  19. Linda Oldham Burns said:

    Congratulations on your blogging!! I love seeing what you are sewing up in your limited time. It inspires me to find those small amounts of time to head to the sewing machine.

  20. Congrats on your blogaversary! I enjoy reading your posts!

  21. Vaso said:

    Happy birthday for your blog!!!!

  22. Dj Merritt said:

    Congrats on your blogaversary! I think that its great. Wish I had time for one myself but I wouldn’t be able tos pend so much of it here and on other blogs LEARNING new things. I love your blog. And I want to know where you buy your fabric. I don’t have a fabric store for 49 miles give or take 3… NO KIDDING ! I seriously live in the backwoods lol. we lost all of our fabric stores in the area to Walmart then Walmart quit selling fabric so what is a girl to do !

  23. You have a 99cent fabric store???? I’m *jealous*!!!! I just wait until the 50% sale rolls around… thankfully it comes often!
    Happy blogiversary!

  24. Joyatee said:

    Oh my gosh; what a wonderful giveaway! I love reading every single word of every single post of yours. Thanks for really inspiring me to sew more!

  25. susana said:

    tejidos 99? ,donde vivo eso es imposible ,desde luego su regalos es increíble . Quiero ver ese elástico!Gracias por su tutorial de la bolsa mensajero,mi hija lo lleva a la escuela..Cariños.

  26. Diane J said:

    Only 1 year??! You are a natural. I love getting your latest updates on your sewing progress. And the fact that we share the same SBA and “athletic” thighs makes me want to read more of your blogs to find how you work these alterations into your projects. I also have enjoyed reading about your traveling/fabric shopping adventures and your biking successes. Yours is the first blog that I subscribed to. I try to fit in a bit of sewing every day, now that I am retired, and find that it’s a most satisfying thing to do. I appreciate your stories. Congratulations on your blogiversary.

  27. Retha said:

    woo hoo! 1 yr! please keep blogging….you inspire me to keep sewing!

  28. Janice said:

    Congrats on 1 year! Please enter me in the giveaway, thank you!

  29. Meigan said:

    Happy Blogaversary! You have a lot to be proud of. My favorite is your Messenger Bag Tutorial! Congrats! 🙂

  30. Jessica said:

    I am a blog lurker and didn’t even know how to follow until I just read your instructions. Good to know I’m not the only one that’s a little behind the technilogical times : ) Happy 1 year! I just recently discovered your blog and I very much appreciate you giving pattern reviews and suggestions as I’m trying to figure out how to make the patterns fit me better.

  31. zeynep said:

    I just adore you for all the things you made with no time to sew.

  32. Emily said:

    Happy blog-day. Please don’t include me in the giveaway as my boxes of sewing stuff are bulging scarily! I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog and should comment more often :o).

  33. Amy said:

    Congratulations! And, I can’t help but enter. I’ve never been to your crazy fabric store, but I’m curious as to what the fabric is like!

  34. Shae' Cannon said:

    I have about 10 sewing blogs bookmarked and check in on them weekly. I love your title because I have “no time to sew” with a fulltime job, two active boys (8th grade and 2nd grade), a shift-working hubby and two BAD dogs. Therefore any sewing I do is usually taking the place of housework, cooking, or sleep…all of which SHOULD come first but alas sometimes doesn’t!! Would love to win your giveaway as I don’t usually buy fabric unless I already have an idea to sew…no stash here, just odd’n’ends left over from sewn garments.

  35. Happy Anniversary-ish! I love your ramblings and activities, no matter how fast or slow you share them with us. Thanks for the giveaway too, I am a bit jealous over that .99 store of yours. 🙂

  36. Ash said:

    Happy blogiversary! I lurked for a while, then started following your blog. It amazes me how many pieces you are able to sew amidst a crazy schedule! Keep it up, and like the above-noted, totally jealous of the .99 store … nothing anywhere NEAR that fantastic up here!

  37. Ruth Meek said:

    What a great giveaway!!! I’ve been wanting a twin needle for quite some time. I could see a Renfrew cowl, a couple baby dresses, & a skirt out of all this!!!!! I REALLY look forward to your blog. I love all your clothes & you look fantastic in them!!

  38. erinkg said:

    I just found your blog this evening and am enjoying it! I’ve added you to my google reader. 🙂

  39. Gemma said:

    I’ve only just starting reading your blog but I’m glad I found you because we have similar sewing tastes I think, so I love seeing what you’ve made. Your crazy fabric shop sounds fantastic! You’re so lucky to have it so close by!

  40. Jody said:

    In the spirit of a fellow procrastinator, I thought I would wait until past your deadline to enter 😦 I love seeing what you sew when you don’t have time and I feel my body has a similar shape to yours so I have purchased patterns after seeing that they look good on you. Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences with us!

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