in progress

I have almost completed a dress, which I intended to wear for opening night tomorrow, but I’m more than a little afraid it might be crazy. I wasn’t sure about the fabric when I bought it, but it was only 99 cents a yard (yep, from here), and I thought I might be able to make it work. But now I’m not so sure…

What do you think? Is it cute, or does it look like I traveled back in time 30 years and stole an old lady’s curtains? Does it need a skinnier belt? Are the sleeves too much? (Not that I really want to rip them out and finish the armholes…) I wasn’t planning on wearing it with tights (I just had them on for my outfit today and I certainly wasn’t going to take them off for a quick photo shoot), but maybe with black boots.  Also, it’s not hemmed yet, and I don’t know if the hem will make it a more flattering length or if it will just seem too short. (PS, the pattern is McCall’s 6069.)

So what do I do tonight? Hem it and call it good, modify it somehow with no time, or scrap it and wear something else? Help!


Cutting is hands down my least favorite part of sewing.  It just takes forever! I’ve taken to cutting out a few projects at a time, to get it all out of the way up front, I guess, and it means that once I get on a roll with sewing I can just keep going.  So here’s what’s on my sewing (aka dining) table now:

Four patterns! That’s the most I’ve ever cut at once. Clockwise from the top:

Vogue 8511 in orange dotty poplin, my opening night dress (which I need to complete by Saturday!)

Butterick 5181in cotton interlock (hopefully a wearable muslin, since the pattern is for wovens)

Sewaholic Lonsdale dress in a brown and ivory dotted lawn and the lining in ivory voile (I’ve been really excited about this dress since the pattern was announced, and I finally found the perfect fabric for it – I’m interested to see how the lines of dots look with the center seam on the skirt…)

Butterick 5495 in 99 cent rayon(?) jersey (it seemed like it was about time I tried this pattern!)

Phew, that was a lot of cutting! But now I can just get down to sewing them all up. We’ll see how I do…