SSS day 2

Here I am in my second outfit for Self-Stitched-September, pretending that I have time to sit and relax on my deck instead of just sitting in that chair for 45 seconds and 4 pictures before running out the door 10 minutes late:

This is a shirt I made for Rae’s Spring Top Week this year. I wanted to knock off this shirt from Boden that had a small layered ruffle around the collar:

I used Simplicity 2593, the Cynthia Rowley twist-neck top, as the shirt base.  For the neck ruffle I ripped three lengths of fabric in decreasing widths, stacked them, gathered them, and sewed them to the neckline of the shirt.  When I finished it, the neckline was too big and kinda wonky and I thought it was a failure, but after washing it the neckline suddenly worked and I actually love the shirt now.  The fabric is a fairly loose weave quilting cotton (from the Patty Young Sanctuatry line), and I suppose eventually the ruffles will just fray into nothingness, but for now it’s holding up and has been a solid piece of my summer wardrobe!


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