SSS days 12 and 13

Just a quick post to keep up with my Self-Stitched-September pics!

Yesterday during the day I wore the top from day 2, but I changed into this dress to go out to dinner:

This was the second dress I ever made. I wore it for an opening over a year ago and haven’t worn it since (mainly because I pretty much only wear nice dresses for big work events, and I like to wear something different to every event). I knew it was there, hanging in my closet all this time, but I was ignoring it for some reason… but once I pulled it out I remembered how much I like it! The pattern is McCall’s 5094, and the fabric is a cotton stretch poplin from Mood in LA (bought on my first visit there).  I kind of love the fabric, and it’s really fun in the full-skirted style.  Oh, and the back is probably my favorite thing about this pattern:

The funny triangle cutout is not at all obvious in the line drawing, and was a bit of a surprise when I muslined the bodice! I’m kind of proud of the job I did with this dress – it’s got a really clean finish, there are no obvious sewing mistakes (I realized after taking the pictures that the hook on the top of the zipper is not hooked – d’oh! – so please disregard the gaping at the top of the midriff, it’s not actually like that), and sure, I could have done a better (by which I mean actual) SBA, but for my second garment ever it’s pretty good! I’ll have to stop passing it by in the closet. I never did a pattern review, since I made it well before I knew that site existed, but as far as I remember I made no substantial modifications (other than eliminating the tie on the back and using a flat slide hook with a decorative covered button on the outside where the back bodice triangles meet). I do recall there being a missing step in the back bodice construction instructions; when you sew the lining and bodice together, there’s a side you’re never instructed to sew, but you need to for a completely finished bodice! I think it was the bottom of the triangle pieces. Read through that section carefully and think about all the edges that should be enclosed if you’re making this view. I do recommend the pattern!

Here’s my outfit for (all of) day 13:

The top is Simplicity 2593, the Cynthia Rowley twist-neck top. This was maybe the third or fourth garment I ever made, and my first top.  The fabric is a poplin from that same first trip to Mood.  This is a good pattern, but it is pretty boxy, and even with taking in the sides a bit it’s still kind of shapeless and poufy in front. My neckline piece is twisted more than called for, I think, because I wanted it to be a little narrower… we’re treading awfully close to circus territory with the polka dots and I didn’t want a huge collar. I’ve actually gotten a fair bit of wear out of this top, and I do like it.

I’ve actually managed to get a fair bit of sewing in the last two days, frantically trying to make some more things to bring on my trip to Hawaii next week (!) My mom actually helped me cut out three things while she was visiting (thanks Mom!), so that helped a lot and I might actually be able to get all the things done I wanted to. Hooray for progress! I’ll close with a spinny picture to express my sewing-time-happiness:

  1. Well done Mum!! I love the dress though. It’s fun and dressy, but still really practical! The print in gourgeous and looks lovely!

  2. Kelly said:

    Love those outfits, especially the skirt and top.

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