SSS day 1

Here’s my outfit to kick off Self-Stitched-September:

It’s Vogue 1224 (my pattern review is here), the Tracy Reese dress that everyone was making this spring. I was really unsure about this dress while I was making it – it’s not a style that I gravitate to, and I’m not sure I would even have tried it on if I’d seen it in a store.  I was also not totally in love with the fabric, I found it in a weird bolt-end store in San Francisco, and I really only bought it because it was like $2 a yard.  I thought I would use it to muslin the pattern.  Well, it turned out to be the most wearable muslin ever, since I love the dress and wear it all the time! It’s in that sweet spot of dresses, right between dressy and casual, so it’s perfect for work.  I’m trying to figure out what makes it so perfect, so I can make more…

And the orange blur in the bottom right corner? Here’s an outtake from my super rushed photo session:

Even if my head isn’t in the picture, at least someone’s is! That’s Malcolm, wondering what on earth I’m doing and why isn’t it petting him?

  1. It´s a gorgeous dress – really flattering and lovely fabric too!

  2. ericapenton said:

    I love ending up with a wearable muslin! Great job.

  3. Love it! I think I’ll make one from that pattern now. It looks like it turned out really nice. I love blue prints.

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