SSS days 6 and 7

This was my outfit for Self-Stitched-September day 6:

Notice I said outfit, not picture? I must confess that this is not a picture from yesterday. I had to be to work at an ungodly hour (well, 9am, which I suppose is not ungodly to most people, but when you work until 11:30pm and have an hour commute it certainly is!), and someone who shall remain unnamed (but who sleeps next to me and is not the cat) turned off the alarm clock before it woke me up, so I had only 20 minutes to get ready – needless to say, an SSS picture was not in the cards.  But rest assured that this is exactly the outfit I wore, and it looked fabulous, but all you get is this picture I took right after I made the skirt. So, right, the skirt! This is the BurdaStyle free downloadable Marie skirt pattern, made in Kerri stretch sateen from in January or thereabouts.  I found the pattern from the Stitch in My Side sewalong, and made it for Valentine’s dinner on our trip to San Diego (we ate at the Stone Brewing restaurant – the food is as good as the beer!) I’ve worn it a few times since, but always with the white shirt and yellow cardigan (you’d think with all those colors in the skirt I could have found more shirts to go with it, but nope), and not to work before today. I actually love the skirt; I was unsure about the tulip shape at first, but now I like it a lot (maybe that’s why I made this dress?), and I’m kind of a fiend for pleats… The fabric is lovely and holding up well, and lasted me from 8am to 12:30am without any terrible wrinkles! My full pattern review is here.

Today I did have time for a picture. Not a good picture, mind you, but a picture nonetheless:

I’ve got my (super giant) work bag and am about to head out the door.  It’s actually hot today (hallelujah!), so for the first time since I made it I can wear this shirt without a sweater.  It’s Butterick 5217, but made in an ITY knit and with some substantial taking-in of the side seams (like 8 inches!); details in my pattern review. I love the fabric and everyone else does too, I’ve gotten tons of compliments on it.  I had just enough for part of a shirt, hence the pattern with a contrast yoke. I found the remnant in The Weirdest Fabric Store Ever in Solvang, which I promise I will post about soon – I need to go there with my camera, because you really have to see it to believe it.  Everything is 99 cents a yard, and you cut it yourself and pay in the cafe upstairs… I would say that awesome fabric like this is the exception rather than the rule (most of the prints are terrible early 90s florals and stuff), but I guess I got lucky!

  1. Amy said:

    How fabulous that you live in California and shop in (some of) the same fabric stores as I do! (I say some of since I’m not familiar with that one in Solvang!). Love the outfits. I have the Marie pattern, but I haven’t made it up. Your version sells it more for me than the line drawing did. And, you must love your job to commute as far as you do and work the hours that you do! I might work long hours many days, but my commute is a short bike ride. Glad you manage to get some sewing done in your no time!

    • aleah said:

      Yeah, when I found your blog I was shocked to see that your wedding dress had been made by the lady who helped me at the local fancy fabric shop! (Though I must confess I’ve only bought lining fabrics from her, I’m a little cheap for that place 🙂 ) You should give the Marie a try, though be warned that the instructions are terrible, read through a sewalong first. And I wish I could bike to work! I bike everywhere I go in town on my days off to make up for not being able to bike commute…

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