SSS day 8 and Mail Time

It was warm enough at my house this morning to go sleeveless again…

…though it was not as warm at work, so I’ve been freezing all day! Oh well, one day of summer was nice I suppose. This is another of my easy jersey skirts with a fold over waistband.  After I made up the first one using the gathered skirt tutorial, I decided I wanted future skirts to have less or no gathering, like the RTW jersey skirts I see everywhere.  I decided to cut the skirt in a trapezoid shape, and I measured it all out and created this little diagram for future reference:

I of course neglected to include a length measurement in this drawing, resulting in all my skirts being rather different lengths (this one could be longer, but now that I think of it, I may not have had enough fabric – I made this with just a yard of 60″ jersey).  Also, these measurements still require some gathering, and since I am lazy and want a skirt with as little sewing as possible, I narrowed the top measurement by 4 more inches.  This made it ease into the waistband well, but it’s a little tight across the hips.  Oh well, I wear it anyway. The tank top is from Banana Republic earlier this year.  Guess how much they were asking for it. $30! I have always loved the Gap stores, but, really, that’s ridiculous.  I happened to have a $15 off coupon, so I paid $15 for the tank, but that still seems excessive. I must say I only ever browse for inspiration at that store now, I just can’t bring myself to pay so much for things I could (theoretically) make myself… not that my fabric addiction ends up saving me money, but at least I feel accomplished!

I also received an awesome package in the mail today:

I saw on the Sew Weekly blog last week that Mena was selling bundles of the fabric she used for her weekly creation, and in a bizarre fit of excitement about possible fall sewing projects, I snapped one up. (A not-so-brief digression: I bought early last week, and got the shipping notification the next day. Since it was just coming down from the Bay Area, I was expecting it over the weekend.  When it still hadn’t arrived on my doorstep by Wednesday, I started to get suspicious and went out to the mailbox. Our neighborhood’s mail is delivered to a set of small, maybe 6 inch square by 12 inch deep boxes that are in the middle of our block, but if something doesn’t fit in your box the mailman will drop it on your doorstep.  I was sure since it was two yards of fabric that it would have to be delivered to the door, but when I went out to the boxes I found it literally stuffed into our box, with other mail crammed in and crumpled around it. See the dented package? I’m sure glad it was just fabric and not something breakable! Anyway-) It’s a really wonderful red and charcoal grey plaid, and I’m envisioning a sheath dress, maybe, or a jumper? I grabbed McCall’s 5927 at the last pattern sale with this fabric in mind (very few seams to match plaids on! and a great subject on which to practice my new-found love of belts), but then I found Simplicity 2848 in my stash (more seams, but a jumper would be fun). Other pattern ideas? I don’t think I’ll be getting to it terribly soon, given my resolution to keep sewing sundresses for a couple more weeks at least, but I’m glad to have gotten the fabric.  There are still a few bundles left, check it out!


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