SSS – last days

Wow, I can’t believe it’s the end of the month! I can’t believe I wore all things I’ve made for 30 days!

Day 29 was a repeat of day 7, my contrast-yoke Butterick 5217 shirt in blue and black, which I still love. No picture, though, I ran out of time in the morning and ran out of light in the evening.

I did have some sewing time last night, so I whipped up one last item to wear for the last day of Self-Stitched-September:

It’s the free one-piece kimono tee pattern from BurdaStyle. I wanted an easy tee pattern for this fabric, which my mom bought at the Crazy Fabric Store (which I will post about soon, really), cut a tank top out of while she was visiting, and left the rest of the fabric for me.  I had just enough for this pattern, which took longer to tape together than to cut out and sew. It was incredibly easy, just the side seams and the neck band.  I left the bottom edge and sleeves unfinished, a hem would have done weird things to this really thin fabric, and made the sleeves even more wing-like than they already are. I’m wearing a cami underneath, because the fabric is actually pretty see-through. This is the size small, and it’s a little big on top and kind of tight on the bottom, but I left it as is.  I also ran the stripes vertically, for fun and because otherwise I’d have needed a shoulder seam, although the stretch is mostly in the horizontal-stripe direction. I think I cut the neck band a little small and stretched it too much, because the neckline is slightly (unintentionally) gathered.  I’m fine with it, though.  If I make this shirt again (and why wouldn’t I, it’s so easy), I’ll cut the neck opening wider for more of a boatneck, which I think makes more sense for the style. But I’m happy with this version (I’ll call it my baker’s twine shirt, since that’s what the fabric reminds me of), and it seems like a good way to end my self-stitched month.

So I guess I should do some sort of conclusion, a what-did-you-learn type analysis of the month. Well, I did get through with only a few repeat outfits, and I also have several dresses that I didn’t wear because they were too dressy or not seasonally appropriate (whatever season this was), so I’m pretty amazed that I’ve made all this stuff! What was most interesting about the month, though, is that I didn’t really ever find myself missing my RTW clothes.  In fact, it feels weird that tomorrow I can go back to wearing whatever I want… it’ll probably be a self-stitched item! I ended up being pretty excited every day to wear things I’d made, and it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.  I will say that it would have been harder if we hadn’t had the Hawaiian vacation for a week, since I definitely have mostly casual dresses and skirts and I really need more work appropriate dresses. And on that note, I kind of discovered how much I like wearing skirts and dresses instead of pants – more fun and more comfortable! So overall it was a really great experience, an insight into my developing fashion sense, and a great way to get in the blogging habit. I won’t, however, miss having to take a picture every day!

So now I embark on my fall sewing, knowing that I want more things I can wear to work (since I’m there 6 days a week after all), and feeling okay about wanting to make skirts and dresses all the time. Though right now I’m considering starting with a jacket…

  1. Nikki said:

    I won’t miss taking a photo each day either! I think your wardrobe and mine need to swap, I’ve far too many work and best clothes which I’ve made rather than casual! My note to self is look at making casual stuff, but I just don’t like sewing with jersey and knits. Do you use an overlocker, or just a standard machine for all your knits?

  2. aleah said:

    It’s funny, I actually got a serger with the intention of using it for sewing knits, but after the first project I went back to a regular machine (and I use the serger to finish the edges of all my woven projects, so it still gets a lot of use). On my machine I use a very narrow zig-zag and a ballpoint needle (for jersey) or a stretch needle (for fabric with a lot of lycra – the springy ones). I hem my knits with a twin needle, which gives the look of a RTW knit hem without a coverstitch machine (which I don’t have). The nice thing about sewing knits that I’ve found is that it’s actually pretty hard to mess up, since any imperfections in sewing or fitting will mostly be hidden when you’re wearing it and it’s stretched out!

    • Amy said:

      Great tips! Thanks!

  3. Amy said:

    Congrats on finishing SSS’11! I, too, wanted to celebrate the end of the challenge with a newly completed garment, but I ran out of time. Bravo to you for making it happen. And, I really like that shirt. It’s so simple and yet so fun. I should focus my sewing adventures on more tops and blouses. I’ve only made one but more would have come in handy this month. Yours will serve as inspiration for me!

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