Crazy Christmas Pajama Time!

I have slightly unusual feelings about pajamas. I consider pajamas suitable only for sleeping in – not lounging around in during waking hours. I change into pajamas right before bed and change out of them first thing in the morning. I have many friends who will happily wear pajamas at all times they are not outside their house, but that is just not me. The one day of the year, though, that I do wear pajamas for longer than I’m asleep is Christmas – it somehow seems just as wrong to me to open presents and eat Christmas breakfast in regular clothes as it does to do basically anything else in pajamas. So, naturally, I wanted a new and exciting set of pajamas for this year’s Christmas morning.

chevron pjsI’ve been eyeing the Robert Kaufman chevron jersey line for a while, but it seemed just a little too crazy to make a regular garment out of. I considered making a scarf with it, then realized it would make totally awesome pajama bottoms! I went ahead and ordered the yellow colorway from, along with my best guess at a solid yellow color match from the same line. It was during the Black Friday sale, though, so of course I got a notification that the solid yellow was out of stock and did I want something to replace it? I requested the solid gray in the same line, but when it arrived not only was it too pale gray to be a nice match to the chevron fabric, but it was thick and rough and just generally not very nice jersey. The chevron fabric, by contrast, is lovely, soft and stretchy and with good recovery, and I was very disappointed that the solid wasn’t similar at all. In the end, I discovered that I already had not one but two suitably color matched cotton jerseys in my stash from way back when, so I decided to make a contrast raglan pajama top with those instead. (The terrible Kaufman jersey has been reassigned to muslin leggings, so not a total loss.)

chevron pjs 2The top pattern is New Look 6230, which I picked up because I don’t have a great raglan pattern yet. And, well, I still don’t. It’s a good pajama top, but the neckline is a bit wide (which, to be fair, is obvious in the envelope picture), so bra strap showage would be a problem in a daywear top. I also prefer a scoopier neck to a wide neck, so I’ll have to look elsewhere for my TNT raglan. The fit, though, is spot on in my usual size 10-12. New Look is like my spirit pattern company – I think they draft for wider shoulders and a smaller bust than the rest of the Big 5.

The bottoms I cobbled together from Simplicity 2317, my one and only sleepwear pattern, from which I have made one blogged set of pjs and two more unblogged bottoms. I used the knit shorts pattern as the base and extended the legs out roughly based on the woven bottoms pattern narrowed slightly. Pajamas don’t strike me as requiring too much precision.

I constructed the top on my conventional machine, but I put the bottoms together just using the serger, which is actually a super fast way to make knit bottoms. I’m getting more comfortable now (after my swimsuit making adventures) with using the serger to construct garments rather than to just finish seam allowances, so I’m trying to use it more for simple knit garments. I finished the whole set in just a few hours the other night.

chevron pjs presents!

So now I have some snazzy new pjs for opening presents in the morning. Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it, and I wish you a comfy pajama morning too!

  1. Becky said:

    Very, very snazzy pj’s! I like them very much! I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  2. SJ Kurtz said:

    The holiday sewing is always pajama bottoms for the men, and the specific issue this year was: yes, that is an ugly holiday flannel print, sweetie, but it’s the softest flannel I’ve ever touched. Spouse scowls, puts hand into pants….and gets this beatific look on his face.

    Wishing everyone nothing but softy softy pajamas! Snazzy stripes particularly! Snappy!

  3. MsMcCall said:

    Jersey PJ bottoms are a surprisingly recent revelation to me, but I love them! this print is really cool, and I think you’ve chosen the perfect item for it. I am also slightly surprised that it’s taken this long for you to do construction on your serger, but I reckon there’ll be no going back!

  4. grtescp said:

    PJs are definitely only bed wear for me too, but with a set this snazzy I might change my ideas 🙂

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