Scoop tops in fabric deja vu

Dammit, I got squirreled again. This time it was lisa’s fault. She knocked off an Anthro contrast-back tee recently and it just demanded to be copied! And hey, I still had biggish pieces of some matching fabric under my cutting table (by which I mean on one of my dining chairs, under my dining slash sewing table) left over from my last SQUIRREL that I thought would work. Plus I had downloaded skirt as top‘s free Scoop Top pattern some weeks ago and had been wanting to make one up. So my newly cut Thurlow shorts pieces got pushed aside and I got my tee on.

contrast scoop top front

contrast scoop top back

You may notice that it’s not a very accurate knock off. Honestly, it’s because I was so excited to get sewing that I totally forgot the original(s) had a back yoke and the contrast was just the lower back. Whoops. Well, a copy of a copy never looks as good, right? So, obviously, I just cut the front piece and neckband from the solid and the whole back piece and the pocket from the stripe. I still like the effect.

But my mistake nagged at me, and I just had to get it right. So no sooner had I hemmed the first top than the pattern was on my table again and I was making another. When I went to hunt down the original Anthro top, I saw a similar tank-top version with a floral contrast. I had a small piece of the floral ITY left from my split-back dress, and I noticed that the yellow flower centers were a good match for the darker mustard stripe, so I thought, well, why not? It’s a little crazier than I usually go for, but it’s not like I was buying the fabric special. Look – this time I remembered to cut a back yoke!

contrast scoop tank front contrast scoop tank back

To convert the pattern to a tank top, I laid a random tank dress bodice pattern piece over and used it as a guide. The straps ended up a little wider than I’d like, so after I took these pictures I actually pulled out the armscye hem (twin needling is so easy to remove, thank goodness) and narrowed the strap at the shoulder a little to make a more traditional tank shape. I cut the contrast back piece an inch and a half from the fold to give room for a little pleat like in the inspiration (and that was the most I could do – the leftover floral piece was exactly that size, provided I cut it on the crossgrain, which I did because it’s not like I was worried about maintaining maximum stretch).

So I’d say I got my no-money’s worth out of this pattern already! And I’m sure I’ll use it again. Here’s why: this is the perfect neckline. I love it! It’s scooped just the right amount, the neckband is the perfect width, and it goes together so well. I may never use another tee neckline again. I’m less sold on the flowy nature of the lower half… I love the curved back hemline, but the front hem length hits me a little weird or something – or probably I’m just used to longer, tighter tees. I feel like the stiffer stripe fabric works better in the front than the drapey-but-clingy solid (which is a rayon or bamboo rayon maybe? I can’t remember), which just wants to glom on to my pants/belly/whatever, making for a less than flattering look. In future, I will probably either narrow the pattern towards the bottom to make it tighter, or perhaps lengthen the front and round it like the back, baseball shirt style. But regardless, the scoop tee is a great springblock for whatever random tee idea you’ve got banging around in your head, and a great quickie pattern for when you just can’t stomach constructing welt pockets at that exact moment. Just sayin’.

  1. Sometimes you just gotta get your squirrel on…. These turned out great and as no one who doesn’t read your blog knows that you were trying to copy a t-shirt with a back yoke then they would never notice right? Great little layering pieces and it’s always good to find something to do with scraps:)

  2. I saw those Anthro tops too! I like your yoke-less version actually, and the floral tank is nice too. You are right about the scoop top, it has the perfect scoop to it. I made one already and I think I’ll make more. My first was a drapey rayon too so I might try a heavier jersey next time.

  3. Great tops! I loved Lisa’s version but yous is fabulous in the yellow. I kinda like both versions – with and sans back yoke. Lovely šŸ™‚

  4. I love these! This is fab summer dressing- a pop top with capris- you look cool and fun!

  5. lisa g said:

    YES! i love them!!! i like it with or without the yoke. fabulous use of leftovers! i hear ya on the swing part, took me a while to get used to. i’m thinking i may reduce the swing in the front piece and let the back have all the fun.

  6. I love both adventurous tops Aleah. Great job.

  7. Pam said:

    I’ ve had a few “squirrels” myself lately! What great side tracks, though! I especially love the tank with the floral print.

  8. I love all your squirrels! I think that when we start to learn to sew, the squirrel type project is the thing we hope to one day be able to do – see something you like and just make it up! I’ll agree with you and the other commenters that the scoop does look pretty perfect, and that yellow fabric is just so bright and happy šŸ™‚

  9. photosarah said:

    I have the scoop top on my “to print” list. Love yours with the contrast back. I’m definitely sold on that trend, with or without the yoke! I just added a contrast back in plaid on a denim shirt. I like how the pocket ties the back in with the front.

  10. Oh, I really love both of your tops! I’ve recently been trying to recover from a sewing fail and wasn’t sure what I should make to make myself feel better. I think I’ll try to make one of these Anthro hacks too!

  11. Katherine said:

    Nope, you are wrong, most flattering tank ever!!!! MOST. Love it! Wear it when you visit!

  12. Bryony said:

    I love this! It’s gorgeous. I’ve been wanting to try to knock off that Anthro top, and now I’m excited to have these tips from you on how to do it.

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