Reversible skirt SQUIRREL

I can sometimes be very Dug-the-dog-like when it comes to sewing. I’ve got a bunch of things on my table to sew next, but then along comes a contest and SQUIRREL! So when I came across Skirt Week at crafterhours, I was suddenly seized with a strong desire to MAKE A SKIRT, even though it had been the last thing from my mind just a few days ago. And a tight deadline? Even better. So into the stash I went!

When I brought home my pieces of mustard colored knit from Fabric Planet last fall, I was struck by how well it matched a mustard stripe knit I had gotten some time ago from Girl Charlee. It was one of the (sadly) several knits I ordered from them that turned out to be too sheer to make into an unlined dress, so I didn’t really know what to do with it. With this solid match, though, I started to ponder reversible garments. I toyed with the idea of a reversible tank dress or something, but when my SQUIRREL popped up I knew they should become a reversible easy jersey skirt.

reversible skirt stripereversible skirt solid

I was hooked on these simple yoga-waistband jersey skirts a couple summers ago, and I made like 5 of them. All with slightly different proportions, of course (consistent I am not). Here’s the diagram I made at the time.

easy jersey skirt measurementsThis was a good start, but I was looking for the magic proportions which would give me enough ease in the skirt to not pull across my bum, but not so much ease that I would have to run gathering stitches to ease the skirt into the waistband (these measurements require gathering). So I lengthened the waistband and shortened the top of the skirt… And you know what? I think I’ve finally got it! For this version, I made my waistband 34 inches long (I cut one piece and seam it in the back rather than have side seams), and I made the top width of the skirt piece 20 inches. Taking into account my 1/4 inch seam allowances, this made for 5.5 inches of ease, which I was able to deal with just by stretching my waistband to fit as I sewed it. Hooray! The waistband on this skirt could be an inch or two smaller, but I wear this style of skirt pretty low on my hips, so it’s fine.

For the reversible version, I cut two skirt pieces in each fabric, and a waistband in each fabric, making the waistband pieces half as tall as usual (6 instead of 12 inches). I basically sewed two skirts, attaching the matching waistband to each one, then sewed them together along the top of the waistband. When the skirt is laying flat it’s all one fabric, because I wanted the contrast to show when the waistband is folded down.

reversible skirt flat

I also sewed the waistband seam allowances together on the inside to keep everything in place better. (Which you can maybe see in this picture – this is the previous view but with the top layer of skirt flipped up over the waistband.) The seam allowances are sandwiched between layers to keep both outsides neatly finished.

reversible skirt insides

I didn’t hem the skirt(s), because I couldn’t conceive of a way to do it that wouldn’t negatively affect the drape of the skirt. I just cut them neatly to match as best I could. Does a little solid hang out on the bottom sometimes? Maybe, but I’m cool with it. This is a casual skirt, after all!

I’m actually pretty happy I was distracted by this squirrel. I wanted more colored bottom pieces, and this one is like two skirts in one, right? Honestly, I’ll probably mostly wear it striped side out, but it’s nice to have the option. Reversible is way more fun than just wasting the solid fabric as a lining.

So head on over to crafterhours and check it out – just beware you may get SQUIRRELed. There’s a ton of tutorials and great inspiration over there, if you’re in the mood for skirts… or even if you’re not! And if you want to whip up something to enter into the contest, well, hey, you’ve got like 3 hours left. Why, no, I never cut these things close at all.

  1. Angela said:

    Cute! I love that its reversible! I totally know what you mean about SQUIRREL…its how I feel about your skirt right now! 🙂

  2. photosarah said:

    I like it! Great idea. I’m not usually a fan of unfinished knits, but I think it works on your skirt.

  3. lisa g said:

    ooh i love this skirt! i’ve used that sandwich method for simple lined skirts and it makes everything so neat inside and out. skirt week has been distracting me too… so many great ideas!

  4. This is adorable- I need to steal this idea!!! …and you can never have too many squirrels!

  5. Love it! I also get aquirrel-y pretty frequently. It’s just so easy to be fickle when it comes to sewing!

  6. Deb said:

    I did a reversible skirt last week I think it was, but its a woven not a knit, with an exposed separating zipper. Love this!

  7. Awesome skirt! I love the colors and fabric combinations!

  8. Kate said:

    Love that skirt! Can you please tell me how long you cut your skirt fabric?

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