Variations on a Mini Wardrobe

Look familiar?

McCall's 6513/Tori pants take 2Yes, it’s the same outfit that kicked off my Mini Wardrobe back in September, McCall’s 6513 top and the Tori pant. I made this redux back in late October as a quick addition to my LA trip wardrobe, but I just photographed it a few weeks ago (to spare you another picture with a cast!), back before the weather took an abrupt turn into capital-W Winter (as winter as the Central Coast gets, anyway, which means mid-50s and rain) and it got too cold to wear it any more.

I don’t often make a pattern more than once, but I liked both of these and they were easy (plus I hadn’t put the patterns away yet!), so I figured why not? I love how just using different fabrics can make a totally different look and feeling to the same pattern. I will say that these are the new, improved versions – now with pockets!

Yep, I added pockets to these pants. Hooray! I love my yellow pants, but the lack of place to stash my phone/keys/hands is very disconcerting. I started by tracing the front pocket pieces off of a Butterick shorts pattern that I haven’t made yet, but I shrunk them quite a bit based off a pair of RTW cropped jeans I have. It was a bit of a challenge incorporating the pockets with the front darts and folded-over elastic waist of the pattern, but it turned out okay – the darts kind of overlap with the start of the pocket, and when I was stitching down the waistband it pulled more than usual because of the pockets (I like this pattern, but it is really hard to fold down and topstitch the elastic waistband without it pulling terribly), but, hey, no one’s going to see it… except you all, that is:

Tori pants added pocketsI lined the pockets with some scraps from an Alma blouse I cut out but haven’t sewn yet. While I kind of winged the pocket shape, I based the construction on the Thurlow trouser pockets, topstitching scraps of denim onto the pocket lining pieces for the bit that shows. I also made a faux fly, by cutting on a fly shaped piece to one front, folding it under and topstitching in a fly shape.

For the back pockets I traced the back pockets on those same RTW jeans. I placed them in the same place as on those jeans relative to the center back seam, but I think they’re a little too far apart. Oh well, they hold my phone!

Tori pant take 2 back

I also changed the hem vent on this pair – rather than doing the whole overlapped vent of the pattern, I just made little slits in the side seam hem. I sewed the side seams to the hemline, hemmed, then topstitched along the slits. Here’s a super awkward mostly blurry picture:

Tori pant hem slit

For the shirt, I basically made it the same as the first time. My funny-shaped piece of fabric (from my favorite place), a super drapey rayon knit, didn’t allow me to cut the full length of the top. I thought it’d be okay since it’s drafted so long, but it wound up being just a little too short for my preference. So rather than doing my usual twin needle hem, I scrounged up a strip of fabric that was about 2 1/2 inches wide to make a very narrow hem band, which made it just a wearable length for me. Phew! I made the sleeves as long as my fabric would allow. And even though I made the same size as the last time, for some reason this top fits a little closer through the neckline and is less prone to gapeage than the black and white version. And I just love this color!

I got a lot of wear out of this outfit in our extremely brief fall, but now I’m firmly entrenched in winter sewing. In fact, I just finished a doubleknit dress in this same color that I’ll share soon. Hope your warm-clothes-making is going well too!

  1. lisa g said:

    this is a really great outfit, i love the changes you made to the pants. adding pockets was definitely a good idea! i have this very shirt made up (unblogged… getting to it…) and it is super cozy. if i make a second version i had planned on finishing the hem with a wide band as it annoyed me to hem the two layers as one in the front. anywho… i love seeing people make pieces that are so practical!

  2. Judith said:

    Looks super! I think the changes you have made are well worth it – off to have a peek around your blog…J

  3. I’m such a huge fan of all the things you sew – this is no exception! Love how the wrap knit top fits you and the slits at the pants hem is a gorgeous little detail. You look great! That pattern definitely deserved a second make 🙂

  4. these look fab and I love the colour of the top. Lovely too to see pockets – yay I love pockets.

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