Simplicity 2934: T-shirt of the month (better late than never!)

Okay, I know I said this last month, and very likely the month before that, but seriously this time – where did this month go? How is it suddenly 3 minutes until August? Ugh. Well, this month (oh, I mean last month now I guess) was the Pattern Stash contest on Pattern Review. Oh, I had grand plans for this last month. At the end of June I even pulled out 5 or 6 old patterns that I intended to sew up for the contest. And how many of those patterns did I end up making, you ask? How about a grand total of… one, sewed on the last day of the month, but not reviewed in time to enter the contest. (Stupid east coast time. If PR was on the west coast, I’d… still not be posting it in time. But it’d have been closer!) So although this shirt was late to the PR party, I’m still counting it as my T-shirt of the month for the E Made This T-shirt Project. Take that, lofty goals!

This is Simplicity 2934, a practically ancient tee pattern that I believe may have been the first pattern I ever bought (and I think it was even out of print then). I got it because it was then, and still is, a design that looks like something I would buy at Old Navy. Gathered center scoop neck tee with cap sleeves? Yes please. Funny then that it’s sat uncut in my pattern box until now. I grabbed this mystery drapey (rayon?) knit at the crazy fabric store last time I visited with nothing in mind for it, but when I realised that I would still have two days left in the month once I returned from my cousin’s wedding (Cambie dress completed in the nick of time, details to come) and I might, maybe, be able to squeeze something in for the PR contest/shirt of the month, the fabric went into the wash and out came this pattern. I cut it out yesterday and sewed it today in just over an hour (not counting the 25 minutes it took me to run to the craft store for thread – how do I not have regular green thread?), but as fate would have it I had tickets to a play tonight so I was unable to post the review until after midnight (eastern). Oh well. At least I have a shirt!

I must say that it’s ridiculous that I didn’t make this pattern earlier. It’s really great, actually. I cut a 10 on top grading to a 12 on bottom and made literally no other adjustments. It fits great on top and I actually really like the funny little cap sleeves (they’re folded over so they’re double layer but you don’t have to hem them – in a heavier fabric I imagine they’d stick out in an unflattering wing-like fashion, but in this light rayon they’re just right). The neck band doesn’t lay as flat as I might like, but to be fair it looks like this in the envelope picture too, so at least I didn’t do anything wrong, and it’s good enough. It’s also quite long, which is something I like in a t-shirt. There’s not much else to say, really. Cute, easy top that came together fast. I’d like to say I’ll make lots more of these, but the way I’ve been going I don’t know that I’ll be making lots of anything. Suffice it to say that this pattern is worthy of making again, certainly. (Full non-contest-entry pattern review here.)

So hello, August. I can’t believe you’re here already, but hopefully you’ll have more sewing and blogging in you than speedy July. I have a funny feeling that you won’t include a lined jacket, though… let’s hear it for some more realistic goals this month!

  1. Myra said:

    You’re so correct, better late than never and you can never be late with this very cute Tee! It may be an “oldie” but it sure is a goodie!!

  2. Thats a great shape! I think i need that pattern! You look adorable.

  3. This is very cute on you! I made the dress version of this pattern years ago and actually just wore it yesterday!

    • aleah said:

      Ha, that’s awesome – I love when I see someone else’s version of a pattern I happen to be wearing!

  4. Pam F. said:

    I love the tee and the color also looks great on you! I agree that July did go quickly! I’m a teacher and am finding myself wondering, “Where did the summer go?” Happy August!

  5. Great color and i love the front gathering! Do you have any tips on hemming the bottom? I was trying to hem a knit skirt that I was working on and it was not wanting to cooperate. I read that some people use starch, fusible hem tape, or use tissue paper as a temporary stabilizer. I tried the tissue paper on the waistband and it worked better, but was thinking of looking for fusible hem tape on the bottom hem. Any tips or suggestions for a nice even hem on a stretchy knit?

    • aleah said:

      Honestly, I’ve never used anything for hemming… I use a twin needle and go slow, and yes, sometimes the lighter knits get a little stretched out and wavy after hemming, but I just press the heck out of them, and also they often straighten out in the wash. Maybe I’m not picky enough, but I think a wavy hem just disappears in the waves of a fullish skirt, and gets stretched out around my hips if it’s a top (like this one), so I don’t worry about it.
      If you want to try out a free option before fusible tape, Andrea at four square walls did a tutorial for a make-your-own spray starch that looks like an easy way to stabilize tricky knits:

  6. Perfect top. Perfect color. Super flattering. Love it! (And I don’t know where July went either.)

  7. This tee reminds me of my very favorite RTW tee ever, at least until I got a giant oil blotch right in the front! Thanks for cluing me in as to the pattern’s existence. I love that color on you and I honestly didn’t notice the neckband until you pointed it out.

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