McCall’s 6078 knotty remix – a one day* project!

*Okay, it was almost a one day project. So I cut it out a week ago, and blogged it after midnight. Hey, close enough!

I got an email coupon from my local sewing machine shop the other day for $10 off a regular service, which served to remind me that I have never had my machine in for service, and I really ought to do it soon, since I hope to spend all July and August SEWING A LOT. Really. Now, the service guy is only in every other Wednesday, which meant I had to drop my machine off this afternoon and not pick it up til tomorrow evening. Suddenly faced with a forced separation from my machine for a whole day (gasp!), I decided to challenge myself to complete a whole project today. As a further challenge, I decided it’d be cool to blog it today too (first time for everything, right?) Well, what do you know, it worked!

I’d been thinking about how to duplicate a friend’s RTW cowly knotted strap tank for a while, and last week I decided to give it a stab with McCall’s 6078, the totally awesome easy sleeveless cowl top pattern (which I had previously made as a top and frankenpatterned into a tunic). I had some leftover fabric from my Leap Day dress that I thought would work, and I cut it out last week at the same time as two other things (one finished, one not, blogged soon). So when I went looking for something I could sew and blog in one day, I pulled the (two!) pieces out of the cut pile and went to work.

This pattern is just about the simplest thing ever to put together. It was made slightly more complicated by my addition of the knots on the straps, but I was still able to sew the whole top start to finish in a little over an hour. Did I mention how much I love this pattern? I started by hemming the back neckline and the armscyes (I trimmed about 2/8 inch off the edges, then turned under 3/8 inch and stitched – easier than turning 5/8 inch, stitching and trimming after). I had to finish the front and back armscyes separately and before sewing the shoulder seams so I could tie the knots. And that’s really all it is – after hemming the armscyes I literally just tied a knot on one strap where it seemed right, tied a matching knot on the other strap, then sewed the shoulder seams as instructed. When I cut out the pattern, I extended the shoulder out along the neck and armscye line by about two inches, which, in addition to the deep cowl of the pattern, proved to be just enough length to tie a knot and end up just the right size again. I know, I was pretty shocked too.

Then I just sewed up the side seams and hemmed the bottom (twin needle). Done, with plenty of time to pack up my machine and get it to the shop. And it made me feel so productive today! I really should set myself little challenges more often…

I really like how this shirt turned out. It’s basically just like the RTW inspiration (which I can’t find any pictures of anywhere – I’ve no idea where she bought the shirt, or when), and pretty much just like I pictured it in my head. And I got something else out of this fab fabric from the crazy place. I’ve paired the top with navy blue shorts, which I like, but I look like I’m ready for a 4th of July picnic. Well, maybe I’ll wear it again next Wednesday.

My updated review of this pattern (where you can see my original review too) is here.

Now I’m excited to get my machine back all tuned up and see what else I can get done in one day!

  1. Louella said:

    Very attractive top! Thank you for the inspiration.

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