Sewing to knit

After I took my first knitting class last month, I got the yarn and needles home and I realised I’d need some kind of knitting bag to store and transport them in (duh, right?). Could I have used one of my bazillion free Old Navy totes, or another random bag I had around? Of course. Did I see it as an excuse to make a cute bag? Obviously.

Here’s an even more brief How-I-did-it-orial than the last one: I cut two 11 inch squares of fabric (left over from the Kindle case I made my mom for Christmas) and two matching squares of lining. I interfaced just the exterior fabric. The bag is constructed the same way as the body of my messenger bag – sew around three sides, make triangles on the bottom corners to box-y it up, put exterior inside lining and stitch around the top edge (I sandwiched the ends of the handles between the layers with the handles facing down), turn right side out and topstitch. Easy little knitting bag! It’s pretty small, so I don’t know that I’ll be keeping any, like, afghan projects in it, but it’s perfect for a skein or two of yarn and a couple needles.

As for the knitting this bag enabled, I’ve finished my first project!

I’m really proud of them, actually. No wonky or dropped stitches, everything how it’s supposed to be (I think)… just don’t look too closely at how I stitched them up on the side (turns out I hate hand sewing even in knitting!). I think I’ve got a handle on the basic knit and purl stitches, so, now what? I’m interested in upping the skill level a bit (ribbing sounds fun), but nothing so complicated that I have to devote large blocks of time to it. Cowl maybe? Heading into spring, knitting warm things seems a little silly, but I don’t want to lose my newfound skill. Suggestions for my next project?

  1. Ashlee said:

    Very cute! I’ve actually been meaning to make a tote bag for transporting my knitting projects too. Totally hear you on the excuse to make another bag, heh ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Ashlee said:

    Ooops, meant to add: are you on Ravelry? TONS of project suggestions. Actually, I guarantee you’ll become addicted if you haven’t already created an account. It’s wonderful! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Cute back and fabulous first knit project! Maybe a tank top for summer knit in the round so no sewing up of the seams? And definately get on Ravelry, so much inspiration there!!!!

  4. LOVE the print on this bag. I should probably make myself a bag for my knitting as I’m currently using and ugly cherry print fabric bag from Wal-mart, but I just never seem to get around to making bags.

  5. aleah said:

    Thanks everybody! I did join Ravelry, but it’s kind of overwhelming right now, and I think I need to spend some more time with it. Right now even the most basic patterns are a little daunting… it’s like a secret code you have to crack!

  6. Mariann R. said:

    Adorable bag for knitting. I’d make an excuse to make 2 more bags of different sizes.
    The fabric is so perfect, love anything with birds. Thank you for posting,and I’ll be following. ๐Ÿ™‚

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