Indeterminate stashy sewing

So I’m back to work this week (after a two week break for the holidays), and my sewing mojo has returned now that I’m back to my usual no-time schedule. I thought I’d get a ton of sewing done over my break, but I just wasn’t feeling it for some reason. I think I am most motivated to sew when I don’t have time to do it! As such, I sort of chose this project at random – it wasn’t something I was super excited to make, but it just felt like something I could do to jump back in. It’s McCall’s 6203 (which for some reason is on “clearance” on the site – is it out of print already?):

I’m about as excited about the top now that it’s done as I was before I started – eh. The fabric is from deep in the stash (actually from the first online fabric order I ever made, from FFC over a year ago), and I love the color and the subtle stripe, but it’s not particularly soft or stretchy, it has basically no drape or recovery, plus it’s a bit thin, so I have to wear a cami under it. I also didn’t have enough fabric to make it the tunic length of the pattern. I added a band at the hem to make it a little longer, and because sometimes I like that style, but it works better in a drapey fabric for sure! Also, I’ve never been a big fan of the batwing sleeve style, but is sure is easy to sew – I will say for this pattern that it’s one of the fastest things I’ve ever made. Not the most flattering, but… easy! That is, except the neck band. I really like the double layer unfinished neck band, and the way the cheap knit rolls for kind of a neat look, but for some reason the neckband wasn’t at all long enough, so the neckline is unintentionally gathered. Could I have ripped it out, cut a new neckband, and redone it? Of course. But I didn’t care enough about the shirt to take the time.

The positive aspect of this top is that it made me want to sew more! I’ve just about finished another tunic, and I’m off now to cut out a couple dresses that ideally I’d like to finish before I leave for a work trip in a week. Ambitious, I know, but I do love a deadline!

My full pattern review of the top is here (and oh, that’s the other positive of this project – I can enter it in the PatternReview stash contest!)


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