Simplicity 2758: extremely delayed fall sewing

I must at last admit defeat… at least where fall sewing is concerned. I managed to complete four (hmmm, seems like it should be more than that) of my planned nine fall items, which is, well, pretty good for me I guess! I also did make a couple unplanned things too (and a big tutorial!), so I’m okay with moving on to real winter sewing. But here is my last fall piece, and it’s totally the most fall-y of all:

Simplicity 2758

It’s Simplicity 2759, the plaid circle skirt I wanted to make last fall and ran out of time. Well, it wasn’t going to escape me this year! (Even it that meant completing it the week before Christmas…) I cut the skirt out the day after Thanksgiving, since the table was at its biggest and cleanest, but didn’t start sewing it for a few weeks after that. It’s a very simple skirt, with just two pattern pieces (skirt front/back and one-piece waistband), but I was determined to make the plaid matching immaculate, so I took my care (and time) cutting it out. It turned out that I wasn’t quite as precise as I thought I’d been, and I had to take a larger seam allowance on the back piece on one seam to get the alignment right, which made the skirt a smidge smaller than I’d have liked (it sits a little above my waist right now, hopefully it’ll fit lower when I rid my house of all the holiday goodies…), but looking at the pictures now I’m pretty pleased with it (and my plaid matching!) The pattern as drafted/illustrated has the seams at the sides, but as several people on PatternReview pointed out, you can just wear it with the seams at front and back to showcase the way the plaid comes together, which I much prefer.

The fabric is a wool/silk blend from FFC last year, and I picked up some kind of nice non-static lining fabric in navy at Michael Levine in LA last January to go with it. The pattern doesn’t call for a lining, so I winged it. I looked around the internets for a technique for lining a skirt with an invisible zipper and a waistband with an overlap and hook closure like this one, but I didn’t find anything. I sort of used the Slapdash Sewist’s method, skipping the first step, so I just sewed the lining to the zipper tape but not the skirt top. Then I attached the waistband to the skirt and lining as one, enclosing the seam allowance with the waistband facing as instructed. It worked out well enough; there’s some extra lining fabric around the zipper that won’t quite lay flat, but lining fabric is so thin and slippery that it doesn’t matter. I wish I could remember what kind of lining fabric this was, because it’s awesome and I want to use it always and forevermore for everything. Not one hint of static!

I hung the skirt unhemmed for a couple days because I’d heard that bias skirts stretched out and that could make the hem uneven, but funnily enough it looked like only the lining stretched and not the main fabric. When I hemmed it, I used a trick I read somewhere and set the differential feed on my serger all the way to “gather” when I finished the bottom of the skirt, so it made it easier to turn up and press, which worked great. I toyed with the idea of using lace hem tape for a nice inside hem finish, but my lazy ways won out as usual and I just did a machine blind hem. I also may have not hemmed the lining at all, and just finished the edge with the serger, but that can stay my dirty secret…

My full pattern review of the skirt is here.

So farewell fall sewing! To all the uncompleted projects, I’ll see some of you masquerading as winter sewing in the coming months, and the rest must melt sadly back into the stash – see you next year!

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  1. Cindy said:

    I really like this skirt. The plaid, the way the fabric meets at the front, the way it hangs…lovely!

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