First gifts complete!

I’ve finished some gifts! Having sewn garments exclusively for a while, I’d kind of forgotten how quickly little bags/pouches go together (and how little fabric they use), and I was able to finish these two things in one evening – crazy!

They are both gifts for my interns at work, and both from terrific tutorials from Noodlehead. The top one (for my female intern) is the gathered clutch, a fun take on a regular zipper pouch that is really pretty and not really much more effort. I added a removable wrist strap by sewing a tab with a d-ring into the side seam and attaching a strap to a tiny dog clip. Her favorite colors are purple and black, so I was glad to find this fabric. The bottom item (for my male intern) is the zippy wallet. I love the pearl snap on the little tab! I added a key ring to this (à la the little cutie pouch) in case he wants to clip it to his keys or belt. It’s so hard to find adult-male-appropriate fabric, but I like this plaid. It’s a thin shirting, but I interfaced it with a sturdier interfacing. Both pouches are accented/lined with the same fabric, since the recipients are good friends and always joke that they’re the same person inside! All the fabrics are from Jo Ann, where I avoid buying garment fabrics because the quality is terrible, but it’s fine for bags.

I’ve also completed another gift, which you can check out over at the Crafty Christmas Club, as long as you are not my mom.

  1. Valerie said:

    Both these pouches are gorgeous! I’m sure they will be appreciated.

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