McCall’s 6069 – the almost dress

All right, so after all my worry about the dress I was working on for opening night (thank you all for your kind words and suggestions!), I ended up coming down with a terrible cold on Friday night and I stayed home sick Saturday! And Sunday, and I also had Monday and Tuesday as legitimate days off, so all that adds up to… still just 2 days for sewing. I will confess that I spent all day Saturday re-watching episodes of Doctor Who, and then all day Sunday re-reading Harry Potter… But on Monday I did feel well enough to finish the dress, and even make the obi belt Lakaribane suggested, and even put it all on and took some pictures:

And, well, almost. It almost works. I like the thicker belt, but my belt is not very nice (I think the fabric/interfacing is too stiff, and it gathers funny when it’s tied, which may also be because it’s too wide?); the dress almost fits (it looks good standing, but the shoulders lay funny and the back band sits too high and the sleeves slip down); and, well, I almost wore it, but I got sick. So it’s the almost dress.

The pattern is McCall’s 6069, which I like and I think is a good pattern (my full pattern review is here). This fabric (from my favorite place) may not have been the right choice for it – it’s what I can only assume is a matte jersey, because it’s a heavyish knit with hardly any stretch, but it’s certainly poly because it’s very slippery and very staticky. I thought it would drape well because of the weight, and it does okay, but I’m pretty sure the shoulder pleats that shape the cowls would work better in a lighter knit. With this fabric, they just make the shoulder seams really heavy. I also think I attached the back neck strap wrong (okay, I know I did), since I attached it when the instructions suggested, thought it wouldn’t work and ripped it out, then reattached it later in a haphazard fashion when it became clear it was really necessary (the weight of the sleeves pulled the shoulders down almost to my elbows!). In the back view, you can see it sits way too high, but I’m not sure if that’s where it’s drafted to sit or if I did that when I reattached it.

The print is pretty bold, though I love the colors, and it benefits from being broken up at the waist with a fat belt. I love the obi belt idea, but I don’t think I managed to execute it quite right. I just used basic quilter’s cotton from Jo Ann and terrible Pellon interfacing, and it’s either too stiff or not stiff enough, I can’t tell.  I like the shape, though next time I’ll make it an inch less wide (it’s 5 inches, and I think 4 would be better for me). Here it is on the table – though my topstitching is atrocious, don’t look too closely! (I wish I could say it’s because I was sick, but my topstitching is always dreadful…)

Overall, even though this dress is an almost, I think I may still try to find an occasion to wear it, and I am interested in giving the pattern another try in an ITY or something more suitable. But it’s done!
I was also able, in my time off, to make good progress on a messenger bag tutorial I’m hoping to post next week. And I also may have spent an hour and a half at my local sewing machine shop and walked out with a totally awesome new (old) machine! More to come on that as well, stay tuned…
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  1. Love your boots! and I like the obi belt (maybe because it was my suggestion, LOL?) I have an obi belt I made for a shirtdress inspired by a runway look I had found on Can’t remember who the designer was. Anyway, I agree with you, finding the right width and stiffness is a bit tricky. Mine is too soft because I interfaced only one side so it rolls up under the knot.

    It’s too bad you didn’t get to wear the outfit out, IMO you would have looked great. But I guess cowl necklines and draped looks in general might require a softer knit to get the full effect. Time for round two?

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