Help! Is this cute or crazy?

I have almost completed a dress, which I intended to wear for opening night tomorrow, but I’m more than a little afraid it might be crazy. I wasn’t sure about the fabric when I bought it, but it was only 99 cents a yard (yep, from here), and I thought I might be able to make it work. But now I’m not so sure…

What do you think? Is it cute, or does it look like I traveled back in time 30 years and stole an old lady’s curtains? Does it need a skinnier belt? Are the sleeves too much? (Not that I really want to rip them out and finish the armholes…) I wasn’t planning on wearing it with tights (I just had them on for my outfit today and I certainly wasn’t going to take them off for a quick photo shoot), but maybe with black boots.  Also, it’s not hemmed yet, and I don’t know if the hem will make it a more flattering length or if it will just seem too short. (PS, the pattern is McCall’s 6069.)

So what do I do tonight? Hem it and call it good, modify it somehow with no time, or scrap it and wear something else? Help!

  1. Ashlee said:

    I like it! I think it’s very sharp and modern looking. Definitely pair with some black boots, and you’ll be rockin’! 🙂

  2. I think it’s cute but have you thought of an obi belt? I’m thinking wider or narrower than the one you have but maybe without a metallic buckle. Try twisting the belt to the back.

    • aleah said:

      Oooh, an obi belt! That’s a great idea! Of course, I don’t have one. I’ll try to make one tonight, I think I can wing it without a pattern…

  3. B said:

    I think it would be lovely as a skirt so that there isnt so much of the bold print how about a bright yellow or a nice black soft sweater

  4. Debra said:

    I love it! This looks fantastic on you. The tights look great and boots would be great too.

  5. Kay said:

    Fantastic… please don’t change anything about it! and yes, definitely pair with a boots in winter..

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