Team Zissou refashion

I thought I’d share my latest distraction from my fall sewing projects…

Every year I seem to end up helping my other half with his Halloween costume, which is fun, don’t get me wrong, but also every year he doesn’t decide what it should be until 2 or 3 days before he has to wear it.  So it was that I found myself the last two nights refashioning a shirt for him instead of working on my much more practical brown twill skirt.

We are both big fans of the films of Wes Anderson, and though he was tempted to go as Royal Tenenbaum with a group of friends doing Tenenbaum costumes, the creation/procurement of a gray windowpane plaid suit seemed untenable, so he settled on the spinoff theme of “Member of Team Zissou” (from The Life Aquatic):

I started with a light blue shirt from Ross:

I cut off the long sleeves and cuffed them, then I added some strips of Kona cotton in turquoise to mimic the accents on the Zissou shirts. To make the contrast placket I actually made buttonholes in the turquoise strip, then sewed it on top of the existing placket, lining up the buttonholes.  It makes it a bit more difficult to button, but it works.  Also, I was glad to practice buttonholing on something that I hadn’t put hours of work into… makes me a little less apprehensive about the Beignet skirt I’m planning! I also found an iron-on “Z” at Jo Ann (turns out they have bins for every letter containing several variations of each, all iron-on-able), as well as a yellow fabric pen to (sort of) replicate the Team Zissou logo on the breast pocket. Here’s the finished shirt, along with the signature red beanie (which I did not make, though I am reminded how cool it would be if I could knit – I really should learn):

Not perfect (the notable difference being that the shirts in the movie appear to be knit, and this is a woven), but I think it’ll get the point across at the Halloween party. I’m banking on the fact that most people’s recall of this movie will not include the fact that the shirts don’t have pocket flaps…

  1. Nathan Harris said:

    I really liked this! I was just wondering was it expensive to make, or just mainly time consuming as I’m looking to recreate a Team Zissou outfit for an upcoming halloween costume!

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