The last thing I need…

Despite already having nine eight projects in my fall sewing queue, I was enticed as usual by the JoAnn pattern sales this week… it’s not like they don’t put the patterns on sale pretty much constantly, but for some reason I feel like I need to stock up on patterns every time a sale happens, even if I know I’m not going to get around to making it up for eons. I justify it by saying you never know when a pattern’s going to go out of print, but really I just like shiny new patterns and the planning possibilities they entail. Anyway, here’s the most recent haul (click on image for pattern info):


I really would like to get to most of these this fall/winter – particularly B5649, the jean skirt style version (which I need in khaki to replace a RTW skirt that just ripped), and B5672, the cute side pleat double knit dress everyone’s making and making me envious with.  I don’t currently have fabric for either of those, but I do have fabric for M6069 (the double cowl dress) and B5685 (the big-lapel coat). The dress I think I can whip out pretty fast, but the coat will be a more serious undertaking, as I haven’t attempted any coat-like-object thus far. The Simplicity coat is more of a far-off-dream, purchased because I love it and want a green wool coat just like the picture, but it’ll only happen if for some reason I end up being a total whiz at coats (I am not anticipating this being the case). Finally, the knit cardigan is a pattern I’ve been eyeing for a while but our JoAnn persisted in not having my size in the pattern during the last two McCall’s sales.  Can’t have too many cardigans (they’re what we wear in California instead of coats when it gets “cold”, aka in the 50s, in December).

So as usual, my eyes are bigger than my stomach (wait – is that the colloquialism?), but I just can’t resist the promise of more fun stuff to make!

  1. Nikki said:

    Oh you’re as bad as me!! I just love buying new patterns, looking at them taking them out, checking everything, spending hours dreaming about them, then what happens… they sit in the cupboard and don’t get made up! That B5672 is lovely and more than once I’ve drooled over M6069. You’ve actually gone for it! As for the coat, I really don’t think I’m up to that, or more to the point, my machine will scream at the amount of fabric!! But it’s still a lovely pattern… and I’m more likely to wear it in the UK than you would in CA in the winter!! 🙂

    • aleah said:

      Ha, it’s good to know someone else shares my bad habit! Yep, I’d say much more dreaming than sewing lately. In an ideal world I’d finish the jacket before I go to visit my family in a colder part of the country for Christmas so that it’d actually see some cold-weather use, but I’m pretty sure this isn’t an ideal world…

  2. Cindy said:

    Hahaha I totally just spent an hour at Joann’s last week ogling patterns! I even came home with four…which, knowing me, are going to sit in my box as imagination fodder. My imaginary wardrobe is quite spectacular, I tell you! I have been toying with the idea of making a coat this fall, but we’ll see…

    • aleah said:

      Ha, that’s great – my imaginary wardrobe is so big it doesn’t fit in my house! I’m sure you could tackle a coat, though – perhaps we can muddle through together!

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