Finished Object: Simplicity 2369

I’ve given in to October and have started planning my fall sewing (shocking, I know), but before I commit totally to those projects I put together this easy dress for today, the first day of rehearsal on my next show.

It’s Simplicity 2369, a well loved and well reviewed pattern that I’ve had for a while, but just hadn’t really been able to match the right fabric to it. I grabbed this black and white polka dot poly knit at the Crazy Fabric Store, and thought I’d maybe use it for Vogue 1250, but then I saw this pattern in my stash and thought it’d be perfect.  I like how the slightly more somber print makes the casual pattern more professional looking (i.e., work appropriate, not professionally sewn, which this definitely is not!). The piece of fabric was cut super oddly – it was a giant rhombus, with about a yard of selvage on each side, but offset so there was only about a half yard of fabric intact from selvage to selvage.  The funny shape worked really well for this pattern, though, with its triangle-shaped wrap top pieces, and I had plenty of fabric for it. The fabric is not as heavy as, say, an ITY, but it’s not super sheer and it works okay on its own.  It’s maybe a little, um, clingy (have to choose underwear carefully!), and I wonder if I should have cut one size larger… if I make it again in a less stretchy knit I definitely will. But I’m pretty happy with it overall and it was kind of fun to make a whole item from idea to completion in just 5 or so hours! It would have been faster if I had actually read the instructions instead of just glancing at them and trying to put it together on my own – I ripped out three side seams total, first because I sewed them all the way down first thing, which you’re not supposed to do, and again because I sandwiched the wrap piece wrong and it ended up on the inside of the dress instead of the outside… Whoops! I will say that this is a pretty common side effect of sewing after midnight.  If I had just put it down and gone to bed and finished it the next day it may not have happened.  But no, “I’m almost done, let me just sew this side seam and… crap!” Also, I didn’t realise it until I wrote the review, but my dress ended up a mirror image of the envelope.  I didn’t do it intentionally, but I like that the tie is on the right rather than the left.

It’s a good pattern (my full review is here).  I’m already imagining it in a long-sleeved version (using the Slapdash Sewist’s sleeve modification), making the front piece longer to go to the hem and eliminating the tie (catching the short edge in the side seam) to knock off this Boden shirt. But that feels like a winter project… I’m going to stick to fall sewing from the stash for now – more on that soon!


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