SSS day 25 (and 26 and 27, sort of)

Well, I’m back home and jumped right back in to work today, after just 4 hours of sleep last night (the time difference from Hawaii does not work to our advantage coming home). I’ve had a bit of an SSS stall-out, with no picture for today or yesterday, but both were repeats anyway.  Yesterday to fly home I wore my grey jersey skirt from day 15, and today was the Vogue 1224 from day 1. I do have a picture from Sunday, day 25, and our last full day in Hawaii:

Did manage to get a little quality hammock time after a morning of snorkeling.  I’m wearing my muslin of my Butterick 5181, last seen on my cutting table. It’s not at all perfect, and the bodice suffers from my laziness in the form of no understitching, so the self lining is always rolling to the outside, but it’s just as comfy as the blue version and a totally wearable muslin.

I’m reading on my Kindle, which I’ve had for a few months now and I have to say I love it. It was one of those things that I initially scoffed at – ‘it’s just technology for technology’s sake, it only does one thing, I’d never use something like that’ – and then suddenly I started thinking about my rapidly diminishing bookshelf space and my ever-growing fabric stash and I realised electronic books were the solution I didn’t know I’d been looking for.  And it’s been great. It’s light (no more sore thumbs from holding a hardcover open for hours), easy to read (the screen really does look almost like print on a page), and doesn’t take up much room in a carry-on bag (more room for Hawaiian souvenirs and snacks. Mostly snacks). It’s perfect for travel and I like it at home too.  I highly recommend going the e-book route if you’re looking to recapture more room in your house for fabric!

Anyway, the normal work routine will recommence next week, but I’m looking forward to having a few evenings this week free to start my fall sewing, which after a week of summer-dress-wearing I am finally excited about! Of course that means the summer weather we haven’t had all summer has just arrived for the end of the month, so rather than finishing out SSS with fallish items sewn last year, I’ll have to repeat my summer clothes for the last three days… oh well.


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