SSS day 21 – last minute dress

Here’s my dress for Self-Stitched-September day 21, day 2 in Hawaii:

This is my last-minute dress, cut on Sunday night, completed on Monday literally 15 minutes before packing. I wanted one of those jersey skirts that converts to a tube-top halter dress, and I could’ve sworn McCall’s had one in their catalog earlier this year, but when I went looking it was nowhere to be found… Maybe I imagined it? Anyway, they had this pattern, McCall’s 6113, which was the dress style I wanted anyway even if it’s not also a skirt. I bought the pattern on Saturday (JoAnn pattern sale!), and fantasized that I could have it done in time for the trip.  And lo and behold, I did! This may be the fastest I’ve ever made something, from conception to completion. So obviously it’s a pretty easy pattern. It’s a pattern for wovens, though, and I wanted a knit dress, so I had to make it a lot smaller (cutting a 6 and taking another inch off each bodice side seam).  I also modified the skirt to a more traditional shape – I wasn’t interested in the drama of a full handkerchief hem, and I only had a yard and a half of fabric (another find from my Crazy Fabric Store). My full pattern review is here.

The dress worked really well for my Hawaiian adventures yesterday – it’s an easy dress to change into out of a bathing suit in a beach bathroom (no armholes, yay!), which I did twice (lots of snorkeling), but also appropriate for, say, a farmer’s market, which we also did:

Look at all that crazy fruit!

I did end up pulling the back of the dress up all day, but for the most part I didn’t feel like full exposure was eminent, so I’m calling it a success. I don’t know that I’ll really wear it back home, since it really begs for super warm weather, but it’s the perfect vacation dress. So glad I finished it. Now if I could just go back in time and tell my frantically-trying-to-finish-in-time-to-pack self that all the bobbin-thread-running-out and machine-tension-wonky related cursing and stress was totally worth it…

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