Here goes…

So why am I starting this blog now, in the last week of August, and not at just some random time?

The self-stitched months have been some of my favorite in the sewing blogosphere (yes, I did just use that word). I love seeing everyone wearing their creations in everyday life, and I’ve been wanting to join in for a while, but I’ve not felt like I had enough self-made items to get me through a month.  I think this one is it, though, and it will motivate me to post a lot in the first real month of this blog. And hopefully get me better at the whole self-photography thing. It’ll also let me share all the things I’ve made in the last year and a half!

I have actually made over 30 items, so technically I could do the month with no repeats, but unfortunately many of my items are fancy dresses that I would feel odd wearing for just a normal work day.  I already know I need to make more everyday items and basics, but we all know those just aren’t as exciting to sew… Adding another fun element to the self-stiched month is the fact that my husband and I are planning a trip to Hawaii in the third week of September, so I’ll be packing an entirely self-stitched-suitcase! I’ll be trying to knock out a few more summery items for the trip in the next two weeks, rather than starting much more sensible fall projects. Because our weather has been so terrible this summer (as in, this is the only place in the country that was not super hot, but instead overcast every day and not warm), I haven’t really gotten summer dresses out of my system yet!

So, anyway, here goes:

I, Aleah of no time to sew, sign up as a participant of Self-Stitched-Sept ’11. I endeavour to wear at least one self-made item each day for the duration of September 2011′

Let the alliterative fun begin!


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