Scissors down

Cutting is hands down my least favorite part of sewing.  It just takes forever! I’ve taken to cutting out a few projects at a time, to get it all out of the way up front, I guess, and it means that once I get on a roll with sewing I can just keep going.  So here’s what’s on my sewing (aka dining) table now:

Four patterns! That’s the most I’ve ever cut at once. Clockwise from the top:

Vogue 8511 in orange dotty poplin, my opening night dress (which I need to complete by Saturday!)

Butterick 5181in cotton interlock (hopefully a wearable muslin, since the pattern is for wovens)

Sewaholic Lonsdale dress in a brown and ivory dotted lawn and the lining in ivory voile (I’ve been really excited about this dress since the pattern was announced, and I finally found the perfect fabric for it – I’m interested to see how the lines of dots look with the center seam on the skirt…)

Butterick 5495 in 99 cent rayon(?) jersey (it seemed like it was about time I tried this pattern!)

Phew, that was a lot of cutting! But now I can just get down to sewing them all up. We’ll see how I do…

  1. What a brilliant idea! I also hate cutting out. Welcome to the blogosphere by the way! I’m a newbie at blogging too, but have been sewing for years. Although I’m a bit slapdash, so some of the projects don’t work out too well. I’m beginning to learn to take more time over it!!

  2. Cindy said:

    Found your blog from your comment on mine! Thanks for reading! I am totally loving your SSS outfits so far; keep it up! And yes, us non-fall sewists must hold out til the end!

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